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How it Works Stories

A story can tell more than the story itself. It can contain an opening for the reader and the story teller to connect in a way that an amazing exchange happens. The story teller gets the satisfaction of creating a space where that can happen. The reader experiences being virtually in the setting, and for a moment or moments living inside the dynamics of the story.

Small groups of focused people are dynamic. In this case small groups have the potential to multiply and become many more groups where individuals discover and determine a new identity, often with a new sense of belonging.


The "How it Works" stories describe an exchange that happens in a small group. You could go to 'the "Discovery" Approach' in a book or on this site and get started by yourself, with one other person, or with others in a Discovery Group, but hopefully illustrations of people doing a topical study will give you an inside look, an insight to help you understand, and become comfortable with the process.

Read these stories first, and then go to a Discovery  to see the recommendations, simple questions, and practical guidelines that are the essence of success in 'the "Discovery" Approach.'

Connect with us to learn more, be trained, or in a workshop with others become a Discovery Group Studies trainer.

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